Example Pay Chart

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Intermediary or umbrella feesWorker fees
Example gross rate of pay to intermediary or umbrella company from us£1000
Deductions from intermediary or umbrella income required by law£93.08 Employers NICs
£22.13 Employers Pension
£4.29 Apprenticeship Levy
£214.37 Holiday Pay
Any other deductions or costs taken from intermediary or umbrella incomeUmbrella company margin
Example rate of pay to you£643.13 Gross Pay
£214.37 Holiday Pay
Deductions from your wage required by law£116.05 PAYE Income Tax
£80.94 Employee NICs
£36.88 Employee Pension Contribution
Any other deductions or costs taken from your payNone
Any fees fro goods or servicesNone
Example net take home pay£623.63