By teachers for teachers

to provide fairer cover for all

Hive Supply Teachers is brand new app-based supply agency on the South Coast of England providing a way for teachers and schools to connect seamlessly.

Through the Hive Supply Teachers App, schools and teachers can connect much more easily to directly organise the essential cover needed in the classroom.

Charity at our core.

When we first set out on this idea our goals were clear – make it fairer for schools and teachers to connect. However, we would also like to think we could have a broader impact on the world. Therefore, Hive donate 10% of all their profits to educational charities. 

So every time you work a day for Hive, you know that it is making a difference to children’s education around the world – nice thought isn’t it! 


Both Sides

Our unique selling point is that we are not your normal recruiters – we are teachers and leaders in education. We know what schools need and what teachers want, because we are teachers who work in schools! 

Our aim is to do the best for the schools and teachers we serve. Happy schools and teachers, mean that they have happy children who learn well. 


Who are we?

As experienced and enthusiastic teachers for almost 30 years combined, we have firsthand experience of what the job involves. Amy is currently a Year 2 teacher and Drew is Head of School at two wonderful primaries on the south coast.

Since joining senior leadership teams, and particularly now being Head, Drew has noticed how much of a school’s precious budget is spent on supply and shocked by how much money is taken by supply agencies. So, we decided to do something about it!

Our mission is to make a company that is good for everyone: schools, teachers and children. Where schools pay less for supply teachers; teachers earn more for the invaluable job they do and everyone helps to support the education of disadvantaged children around the world.

Drew Supply Teacher

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